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16 April 2017

Introducing MovieMates

Imagine… The next blockbuster movie you’ve been dying to see is just days away from being released, but unfortunately all of your friends are suddenly unavailable to go see it with you.

What do you do?  

You could go alone (which seems a little sad and lonely).                                                                                                                     
You could wait and hope your friends are available to see the movie before it leaves the theaters forever…                                  
Or you could meet someone new who is also interested in seeing the same movie as you!

MovieMates is an app that was created for all the moviegoers who were tired of missing out of that premium movie experience you get in the theaters, and all because you didn’t have someone to go with.

MovieMates allows you to easily connect with other movie lovers and set up movie dates at theaters most convenient for you. The dates don’t have to be romantic or serious either…

How does it work? Simple, as this:

  • You choose a movie and a date you like
  • See who else is up for the same
  • Connect through chat
  • Set a rendezvous and go out!

And MovieMates is totally free! Unlike all other apps, we won’t charge you for extra features or subscriptions. Use MovieMates to its full extent as much as you want from the very first touch.

MovieMates was made with convenience in mind and was a big focus for us.                                            
In the app, you will find showtimes, trailers, movie descriptions and of course you can buy movie tickets.

Download MovieMates app from AppStore and GooglePlay!

Don’t be afraid to contact us and leave your feedback. See you in MovieMates 😉

Best Regards,

MovieMates Team